Sunday, 3 November 2013

Healthy & Light breakfast

Today I write about making Poha. This is usually made for breakfast from flattened rice. This is easily available in markets. There are two kinds - very flat like paper and mid sized. You will need mid-sized Poha for this dish

1) Wash poha is water and remove excess water.
2) Add a tea spoon of oil to pan and heat
3) Add cummin seeds and mustard speeds (1/2 spoon each)
4) Cut 2 green chillies into small piece and add to pan
5) Add 2-3 tea spoons of peanuts
6) Fry until peanuts turn dark drown
7) Add washed Poha
8) Add salt to taste - mix well
9) Cover and leave for 5 mins
10) Mix well and it is ready to eat

You can also add potato at #5 above if you like it

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