Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dosa tips

Today I tried making dosa. I use readymade batter available in most groceries stores. That is the easy part. Even after getting the batter it is a tough task to make dosas. Here are some tips

1) First 1-2 dosa will be bad. Can't do much about it
2) Make sure you clean & scrap the pan
3) Before putting the batter, spray a little water on the pan to cool it. Keep flame low
4) Pour batter and quickly spread it evenly across. Don't try to over do it. Make one attempt to spread and leave it as is. Over time you will get the right round dosas
5) Increase flame to full for 1 min
6) Pour one teaspoon oil around the dosa
7) Leave for 1/2 min and remove using a flat spatula


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